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AJ's Short Bio

As a business owner, occupational health nurse specialist, author, speaking coach, master trainer, and camp director, Arlene Jorgenson has over fifteen years experience sharing her wisdom with North American audiences. Arlene’s dynamic style, high energy, great sense of humor and practical perspective have created a great demand for her as a keynote speaker and seminar presenter.

 Introduction Notes for Arlene Jorgenson

Our speaker today was born and raised on a farm near Mervin in northwest Saskatchewan. She has a degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan and a specialty designation in Occupational Health Nursing. She worked for Health and Welfare Canada as a nurse practitioner in northern Saskatchewan, the North West Territories and Winnipeg before moving back “home” to Saskatchewan.

Arlene left the federal government to start HEALTHSERV with clinics in Regina and Saskatoon. As the largest occupational health consulting company in the province, they specialize in independent medicals, drug and alcohol testing, disability management and hearing conservation. (SaskPower, Hitachi, Wheat Pool and Weyerhaeuser are some of her larger clients).

Her entrepreneurial spirit has her to being nominated twice for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award. HEALTHSERV won a North Saskatoon Business Association award for Innovation in 2001 as well as being honoured as a finalist for a Chamber of Commerce SABEX award.

She is the Past President of Saskatoon Business and Professional Women’s Organization, is a member of Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers and on the board for the Bible Camp in her hometown. She married Stu 8 years ago, and is just now coming to terms with being a grandma!

Arlene’s belief in personal empowerment and success training, added with her dynamic style and practical perspective have quickly brought her into much demand as a keynote speaker and convention presenter.

Let’s welcome Arlene Jorgenson!

Contact Information -

Arlene Jorgenson
201 Robin Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6C4
Phone: (877) 374-9079
Fax: (306) 374-7246 

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201 Robin Crescent
Saskatoon SK  S7L 6M8

Phone: 877-374-9079
Fax: 306-374-7246